ParaWCS Austria - Thalgau 2021 - Bulletin

Thalgau, Austria from August 27 - August 29
 HSV Red Bull Salzburg plans to carry out the Parachute World Cup Series event in Thalgau, Austria from August 27 – August 29. We understand that this year is still characterized by uncertainties which require solid planning, proper communication and some flexibility.


Below you can find all important information about the event and the possibility to register as team or single competitor. We also understand that changing laws and regulations might prevent participants and teams from coming to Austria. In addition to Austrian regulations, which we will monitor and communicate through the newsletter (registration below) please take a look at your local travel restrictions and requirements.
Organization, Timetable and other important details

HSV Red Bull Salzburg, AUSTRIA
Head of Organisation: Karl Kaiser, Colonel (ret)
Meet Director: Helmut Schlecht
Chief Judge: Guenter Berendt
Covid-19 officer: Hans Reiter

Place and Date: Thalgau (20 km east of Salzburg), 27 08 – 29 08 2021

26 08: 5 pm – 10 pm Registration
27 08: 8:00 am 1st Teamleader meeting
8:30 am Start of competition
28 08: 07:30 am Competition
29 08: 4 pm End of competition
(if minimum rounds completed)

After competition: Awarding and price-giving ceremony

Aircraft: Helicopter AS 350 B3 Ecureuil (Heli-Austria)

Team: 5 Competitors, all results are counted for individual and team result

Entry fee:
Registration and bank transfer (arrival) before 12 08 2021:
€ 900,- for each team (€ 180,- per Person)

Registration and bank transfer (arrival) on 12 08 2021 or later:
€ 1.150,- for each team (€ 230,- per Person)

Refund € 10 for jumps not made

HSV Red Bull Salzburg
IBAN: AT561100007953737900 BIC: BKAUATWW

Jumps: 8 Rounds for each team, minimum 3 rounds

Sporting Code Section 5
special rules ParaWCS
all 5 results count for the team
max. 40 Teams will be accepted by the organizer
(complete teams are preferred !!!)

Altitude: 1000 m, reduction down to 900 m possible during rounds due to weather condition, rejumps: 700m

Electronic System: provided by Austrian Aeroclub / Franz Singraber (2cm AMD)

Protest fee: € 50,-

Training: Thu 26 08 2021 start: 1 pm, 25,- per jump (Helicopter)

Information about Hotels / Rooms:
Phone: +43 6235 7350